Sunday, 29 November 2009

Good-womenizing Tricks

Good-womenizing TricksdIs that a love if there is no any sacrificing?Is that a love if there is even no second of time spent to think of the loved?Is that a love if you do not believe in him at all or just partly?Is that a love if he does not understand what you are feeling? I do not know the answers. I do believe that you could. When a couple of human being is in ‘in-between relationship’ (a relationship without any real goal to the sacred-relationship bound by the Almighty) all answers above would be so nice, Yeah so nice to be believed. Most of them are (I am sorry) virtual and immortal answers.

I’d like to answer only question number 4:
Is that a love if he does not understand what you are feeling?

For men to understand
It is better for man to be able to speak right to the lover’s heart. Understand her feeling without needing to be told. Without your lover says any word you can light up the dark inside her. Hence all you need is to define it even when she does not seem to be what she might be.

For women to understand
A single and simple physical appearance you can find from him is his smile. The smile on his face let you know that he needs you. It could even tell you deeply that he never leaves you. Track on his eyes. His shining eyes say he’ll catch you wherever you fall. Track on his eyes whether his love is cinta nafsu or cinta murni. The true love is never let you down in the unrespectable deed, never to deserve to touch your softness of your hands and face.

For men to understand
Old woman says: “I’ve loved the same man for 54 years and I wish he knew”. Most of women want their men get them through much better that they do love their men.

Middle-aged woman says: “Don’t make him love you(another woman) because he is all I’ve got.” Most of women have a tendency of loyalty much and it hurts much if they are cheated by their men.

Sometimes what you see is never what you get hence women needs to be understood.
And the best men are those who understand what women are feeling and have in their mind even when they say nothing at all.

Sometimes some women are able to be patient of men’s poverty, lacking charm, little time spent for them. On contrary it is hard to find women who are able to be patient of men’s bad behaviors toward them.

Alloh has granted men strength more than what women have but He has granted stronger feeling on their heart. To be proven, many of men having strength and deep authority in their society kneel desperately on the power of women’s feeling. On every men’s success there must be wonderful women encouraging and standing behind them with their feeling.

One of skill needed to get along with women is simply to know the key that can influence them and the key is no other but just touching her feeling. It means that feeling is all their weapon therefore men should ‘attack’ them on this part.

My teacher says that (to men) be the mouth because women are the ears. Be the nice men by spreading nice words that is able to create a splendid field of flower in women’s ears and never do the opposite because it will hurt women’s feeling much.

Love is the long-lasting topic that human being has been conducting with then we must know well and apply it for good purpose only. Just to find sholikah wife not just to have a fun.
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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Kiss: Growing Affection to your child

A Kiss: Growing Affection to your childOne day I saw an old-female beggar sitting alone aside of a street nearby my house. All of sudden I felt sorry for her then I gave her amount of money. Mom, you might ask why I did it. As saw her it brushed on affection that a female-distant-relative gave to me when I was a little. She, despite of distant-relative, gave great affection while my parents were away to go work moreover when I was sick. She took care of me well. This remains on my mind up to now and as the reason why I give charity to the old-female beggar, because of the affection I’ve got generates other affection.

Mom, in this article now I’d like to elaborate the importance of giving affection for the growing child.Mom, have you ever kissed your child? I do believe that most of you have ever done it. If you haven’t I hope you would be pleased to do it soon after your child just come home from his/her school.

A kiss is a trivia matter but it values a lot on their development because most of scientists approve of the case that bad deed done by children such as doing violence toward others, being addicted to drugs, being gloomy for long time, being apathetic and many others is as a result of their living in a family in where they are thirst for affection. They are lack of affection. By having such conditions it is possible for them to commit murder, stealing or even suiciding. It all occurs merely because of lack of affection from their parents.

Just a kiss is able to make closer the relationship between parents and a child. You can do it as awakening him/her in the morning so in the early day your child awakens to the soft lips of yours, an affection from your kiss. It automatically affects him/her to undergo the day happily without any sadness because the the early day has been started with something nice. The early kiss affects on your child consciously.

Someone, I recognize but he has passed away now, applied the same method to grow the affection on his child. One day after knowing that his child was sick he came into his child’s room in a hurry then he kissed his child affectionately.

Kiss is also possibly given when they get achievement at their school to encourage their positive activities. Mom, you can do it whenever and wherever you would like to do.

Kiss, parents to their children, is a universal language of stating: “You are valuable pearls in my life. Don’t worry coz you are always in our arms with love surrounding. So don’t be naughty. No thorn hurts you if there is one I will cry for you. So be nice and pious, my son”

Mom, It sounds good to do, doesn’t it?
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Deactivate Anti-Parenting

Deactivate Anti-ParentingHow are you Mom? I hope everything runs well in your life more over of your child. Nothing is so precious than child of yours hereby we as parents or future parents should activate parenting sense lying on ourselves, awakening it up. As a matter of fact that every of us has parenting sense but because of several bad habits of ours we deactivate the parenting sense. Therefore we easily get angry with our child as he or she does something we consider as wrong one. The anger toward our child as a feedback on his or her naughty behavior is called as anti-parenting. Stay little longer and keep reading it to elaborate the deactivating anti-parenting topic one by one.

Not Telling Lies
Mom, what do you thing of mother striving to persuade her child to do something else by laying the child? For the time being it seems fine but it gives negative impact on his moral aspect if we do it and do it again for a long period of time. The first prediction is that the child would think that whatever his mother tells most of them are lies. The second one is that the child would consider telling a lie is none of sin.

A mother, my next-door-neighbor, always tells lie to persuade her female three-year-old child to go home if her child behaves naughtily toward her friends or does naughty actions at her neighbor’s house. “Come with me, your uncle has come and is going to beach with you” it sounds nice but it effects badly on the child because no longer the child will know that it is not true, just a lie coming from her mother’s mouth. Mom, now the child of my neighbor always considers what her mother says most of her statements are lies. “No that’s lie” she responds once or just cry as a signal to refuse the persuading statement. As the child grows she will imitate her mother’s behavior of telling lies. As a result the mother not only fails to educate her child but also generates a new bad behavior of telling lies on her child.

Naughty behavior is a nature of children it is not necessary for us to do such bad action, telling a lie, to prevent their bad behaviors. (I will elaborate it in my another article

Getting injured on some parts of body is none of big problem but if we make our precious child’s hearth injured that is a disaster. It is because the getting injured on body can be cured in several days ahead but the injured hearth of our precious child is long to be cured. It takes us long period of time to cure it. as a philosophy I believe in that a child is a blank piece of paper. Whatever he or she would be, either bad or good person, we as parents take a part in filling the heart.

Being a Model Parents
Mom, have you ever attended a seminar or a meeting with your child? Then you sit at the first row of chairs line. If you have ever done it: CONGRATULATION for having shown a good model action to your child. That is one of trivia matters that we unfortunately think it as not-significant matter but actually it plays important role in activating the parenting sense.

The action of taking a seat at the first row is to set a philosophy idea, to be brought into real action, on Mom’s child that as great human being that has been granted by God a complete facilities such as brain, hands, legs and others must be on top in every aspect of this life or both worldly and heavenly success.
And how about you, Mom?
To be Continued
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Monday, 27 April 2009

Young Generation as Entrepreneur Society

Parenting:Young Generation as Entrepreneur SocietyIn the beginning of 2007 there have been more than 740,000 graduates of university that fall into the category of the educated unemployment. As matter of fact every year all universities in Indonesia provide 300,000 fresh graduates. It tells that there must be a change paradigm of after-graduating period. The main point after-graduating is not just a period of sending million of application letter to various companies but also think wildly to create a job for themselves furthermore for others by being an entrepreneur.As a nature of human being that getting a rid of a dependency on someone or something can make a person’s dignity. Many common people consider that university graduates, most of them, will
fill within the number of unemployment as long as they can not be out of the dependency of waiting merely a job and as a consequence are not able to create a dignity toward them.
We are the crowd of young generation that are sick and tired most of being the loser in business competition especially to the old generation. (PT. Petakumpet, Advertising Agent in Yogyakarta)

Entrepreneurship which is integrated in the National Education System might be a leading weapon in making ‘Awakening of Indonesia’ in economic independence.

Ir. Ciputra, as a well-known figure of entrepreneur in Indonesia, says that what Indonesia needs is to have many human recourses of being able to change an unworthy thing into Gold. it such a great tagline I’ve ever read. now it is a show time for the ‘Awakening of Indonesia’ that university graduates(young generation) is a real agent of change not ‘the changed agent’.
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